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Nepali Society in Kurdistan

There are few Nepalese living in Kurdistan, these are the ones who have gone to Kurdistan in a working visa from Nepal.

Kurdistan is home of Kurd/kurds/kurdish/kurdish people. There is no independent country called Kurdistan. But it is a region that covers mostly adjacent parts of eastern and southeastern Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), western Iran (Eastern or Iranian Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Southern or Iraqi Kurdistan), and northern Syria (Western Kurdistan or Rojava). The Kurds are culturally and linguistically closely related to the Iranian peoples and, as a result, are often themselves classified as an Iranian people. Many Kurds consider themselves descended from the ancient Medes. The Kurdish languages form a subgroup of the Northwestern Iranian languages. The Kurds are estimated to number, worldwide, around 30–32 million, possibly as high as 37 million, with the majority living in West Asia; however there are significant Kurdish diaspora communities in the cities of western Turkey, in particular Istanbul. A recent Kurdish diaspora has also developed in Western countries, primarily in Germany. The Kurds are the majority population in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan and in the autonomous region of Rojava, and are a significant minority group in the neighboring countries Turkey and Iran.

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