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Nepal Government

The Government of Nepal (नेपाल सरकार ) or Nepal Government:

The Government of Nepal (नेपाल सरकार ) or Nepal Government, is the executive body and the central government of Nepal. The Head of state is the President and the prime minister holds the position of head of executive. This role is largely ceremonial as the functioning of the government is managed entirely by the Prime Minister who is appointed by the Parliament.

Nepal Government
Head of State: President
Executive: Prime Minister
Legislative: Parliament, House of Representative, National Assembly
Judiciary: Supreme Court
Constitutional Bodies
Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authroity Election Commission
Office of The Attorney General Public Service Commission
Office of the Auditor General National Human Rights Commission
Security Services
Nepal Army
Nepal Police
Armed Police Force
National Security – NSA
Government of Nepal (Ministry & Departments)
Nepal Gov Industry
Immigration Registra
Passport Law Justice
Home Ministry Law Commission
Prime Minister Agriculture
Finance Nepal Police
President Armed Police
Custom Police Academy
Federal Affairs Water Resource
Election Energy
Auditor Defence
Supreme Court Education
Revenue Tourism