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Nepal Army

Nepal Army or the Nepalese Army is the main defence/military armed force of Nepal. The Nepaelse Army has about 95,000 active infantry army and air service members protecting the sovereignty of Nepal. The President of Nepal is the Supreme Commander of the Nepalese Army.

The National Defence Council has seven members:
Prime Minister of Nepal
Defence Minister
Chief of the Army Staff
Foreign Minister
Finance Minister
Home Minister
Chief Secretary.

The Nepalese Army is divided into eight divisions, one in each of the seven states/province and one in Kathmandu Valley.

Army Aviation Directorate
Special Forces Brigade
VVIP Security
Artillery Brigade
Signals Brigade
Engineers Brigade
Air Defence Brigade

Nepal Army
Size: 95,000 active personnel | 62,000 reserve personnel
Headquarters: Kathmandu
Commander in Chief: President of Nepal