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Nepalese Embassy Australia

Embassy of Nepal Canberra Australia. Embassy of Nepal 22 Kareelah Vista, O’Malley Canberra ACT 2606 Tel: 02 6286 8006, 02 6286 8004 Fax: 02 6286…

Nepalese in Melbourne

Nepalese in Melbourne Victoria Australia N Nepali Community Centre (

Nepalese in Australia

Nepalese in Australia. Nepalese Embassy Embassy of Nepal Canberra Nepalese Consulate Adelaide, Consulate General of Nepal Brisbane, Consulate General of Nepal Melbourne, Consulate General of…

Nepalese in Sydney

Nepalese in Sydney New South Wales Australia Nepalese Consulate Sydney ( N Nepalese Australian Association (

Nepalese Restaurants in Canberra

C Chomolungma Nepali Cuisine ( T The Hungry Buddha ( The Mustang Canberra ( The Mustang Nepalese Restaurant & Bar (