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    The Nepalese residing in The Netherlands have form a social community called Nepalese Samaj (Community) Netherlands. It was established in August 1999, with an aim to bring Nepalese and Dutch people who are interested in friendship with Nepalese people, culture, language and food. NSN, publishes news bulletin called Chautrai twice a year in both Nepalese and Dutch. NSN, also organises various events and gatherings during Nepalese cultural occasions, New Year and other special occasions.

    NepaleseAbroad.com — For More Info:
    Nepali Samaj Netherlands
    Tel: 071 517 5821
    Email: nepalsamajnl@gmail.com
    Website: www.nepalsamaj.nl

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    2 Responses so far.

    1. Santosh Bhandari says:

      I am from germany and recently got student visa for germany.I am doing garman language yet. I am willing to visit netherland and stay there. Is there any possibilities that I can stick there like joining studies, application for refuge or etc. It is just my query and how this community will be helpful for me in this regard. Please suggest in following mail id santosh262003@yahoo.com……i will be really grateful to you

    2. rikesh k.c says:

      i want to come to holland, i am in cyprus, what is it that is going on there???

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