Nepalese Abroad.com is a simple info web homepage directory of Nepalese Worldwide. Promote your Restaurant, Shops, Education Consultancy, Institute, Migration, Travel, Money Transfer Agencies, Finance, Tax, Accounting, Driving Training, Motor Mechanic, Cleaning, Removalist Services and Business for less than nothing, JUST $1 Dollar A DAY.
Advertising in Nepalese Abroad is not just cheap but it is also unique and different from other online advertsing servies, media and website. In Nepalese Abroad your LOGO AD will appear on the front page.
Making Online Advertising for Nepalese Worldwide Simple, Effective and Cheap, Cheaper Than EVERY DAY Cup Of COFFEE. $1 DOLLAR A DAY for 100px by 50px LOGO



$1 Dollar A DAY is for 100px by 50px logo ads only. The only ad format available at present. Logo Advertising larger than 100px by 50px might be available on clients request but additional charges apply.
NepaleseAbroad.com will only accept/publish family friendly logo/website/ads.
NepaleseAbroad.com and the founder has sole right to accept or reject the publishing of logo/website/ad without any explanation.
NepaleseAbroad.com will not accept or publish religion/violence/adult related ads and logo.
NepaleseAbroad.com will update terms & conditions regularly and can change anytime without any prior notice. Please visit regularly for updated terms and conditions.
NepaleseAbroad.com is filled with links to external websites, blog and social media pages and is not responsible for their privacy policies. Please read and be aware of their privacy policies before visiting those sites.
Logo/trademark/images/brand/company/name used in NepaleseAbroad.com website are copyright of their respective owners.
NepaleseAbroad.com will in its best of the ability display logo ads and keep service online. Unless, when it is out of our or general human control like outage, load shedding, server down, website hacked etc.
Logo size 100px by 50px advertisement service will be charged on yearly basis and will only need to pay $360/year.
DollarADayAd or $1 A DAY Ad is based on or for 100px by 50px logo advertisement only.
Once the logo or the ads are published or displayed there will be no refund on it. So, please notify us before your ad gets published.
Our aim is to make online adverting simple, easy, cheap and effective. Cheaper than a CUP of Everyday COFFEE.

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