--- Nepalese in Lebanon!
Nepalese women in Lebanon
According to the local Lebanese media about fifteen Nepalese women have committed suicide. These young Nepalese women who are in their 20s working as housemaids in Lebanon commit suicide after not being able to cope with abuse and harassments from their employers.
Sometimes even financial, mental and physical torture, some young women have been reported to commit suicide within a month of their arrival in Lebanon. In case like this Nepal Government or Foreign Office is not good in following the issue that are affecting its citizens, unlike other western countries like US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or other develop European countries.
But after receiving complaints of torture and abuse, early this year in January 2010, Nepalese Government issued a ban on women travelling to Lebanon to work as maids. Despite of ban on women travelling to Lebanon to work as maids, more than 20 women fly to Lebanon every day dodging the safe ban advise of the government.
It is believed there are more than 18,000 Nepalese working in Lebanon and out of which 95 percent of the total Nepalese are women. My advice to our young Nepalese women is to consider your option and possibly avoid Lebanon. Lebanese (not all but most) oh, ask anyone from Australia, they are very aggressive, just big mouth, swearing most of the time not just men, but even the women. How much more in their own country of Lebanon?
Hope agents will not just go after the money, but also consider the well being of fellow Nepalese and hope the Government will also take steps to protect, advise and follow up safety of those fellow country men and women who are already in Lebanon --- Nepalese in Lebanon!
Map of Lebanon, about 10,400 Sq Km, 14 times small than Nepal in area.