--- Julia Gillard, New Australian Prime Minister!
The First Female and the 27th Prime Minister of Australia

Australia has new Prime Minister the first female and the 27th Prime Minister of Australia. She was the deputy of Kevin Rudd her boss, the Prime Minister, whose trust she betrayed and now she is the Prime Minister, the Chief Executive of Australia.
John Winston Howard made a way for many international students to stay in Australia back in 1996 changing the rules for students to apply for permanent resident after the completion of their degree and diplomas while they were yet in Australia. Many were blessed with the changes while Howard was in the Government. But, later the rules began to change and during Kevin Rudd as the Prime Minister more changes and not for the good or favour of Nepalese or any international students.
Now, Julia Gillard the accidental Prime Minister is on that seat after giving Rudd a gentle but unexpected push out from his chair’s of two and half years. What will it be for Nepalese international students? Will there be more changes when Gillard is in the office? Will the dream of permanent resident for the Nepalese students come to pass or be broken? The good, the bad or the ugly is yet to come… --- Kevin Rudd the 26th Australian Prime Minister!
Kevin Rudd, the 26th Prime Minister cried during his final speech at Canberra. Glen McCurtayne