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Sansar News, Nepali language online news

Ujyaalo 90 Network

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Ujyaalo Online also known as Ujyaalo 90 Network is news media and publishing company.

Nepalese Food in Singapore

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Nepalese food in Singapore. Price was reasonable, food was ok, not so good not so bad, it was average if it was to be rated.


Brick Making House – Ranitar Dhankuta

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This is the only known brick making place in Dhakuta District. Its on the east hand side on the way to Dhankuta.


Bamboo Sailor in Chatara

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Bamboo sailor in Chatara, Sunsari, Koshi Eastern Nepal. These lads cuts bamboo and makes floating raft out of it and sails down from the northern waters to the southern plains along rapid rivers. Which saves them their time and much easier to sail than carry along those difficult zig zag mountains trails.



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Langtang is a region in Nepal, north of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The region is protected as Langtang National Park, around 4,500 people live inside the national park. Park contains wide variety of climatic zones from subtropical to alpine. About 25% of the park is forest. Trees like Oak, Maple, Pine and various types of Rhododendron can be seen in the park. Animals like Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Tahr, Rhesus Monkey and Red Pandas can be see here. Gosaikunda also spelled as Gosain Kunda, an alpine freswater lake at an altitude of 4,380 m is also located in Langtang Region.
Some of the peaks in Langtang are: Langtang Lirung 7246m, Dorje Lakpa 6966m, Morimoto 6750m, Dragmarpo Ri 6578m, Kimshung 6500m, Langshisha Ri 6427m, Ganchempo 6387m, Naya Kanga 5846m, Yala Peak 5520 m, Surya Peak 5144 m, Tsergo Ri 4982 m, Chyarkung Chuli 4858 m and Cholangpati Danda 4788 m.


Lake Gosaikhunda, Rasuwa District, Bagmati Nepal.

Music Khabar

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Music Khabar is a Nepalese language music news site from Nepal. It contains music update, news, literature, interview and videos for entertainment.

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